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Were they world title defences when Tommy Burns knocked out two
opponents on the same night?

Eric Keeley, Doncaster

THE JUDGE: Tommy Bums ko'd Jim O'Brien and Jim Walker in one round each in San Diego on the evening of 28 March 1906. They were exhibition bouts.

Was Rocky Marciano the only undefeated world heavyweight champion?
Geoff Horncastle, Luton

THE JUDGE: Rocky Marciano was the only world heavyweight champion to end his entire career undefeated (49 fights, 49 wins). Gene Tunney retired as unbeaten champion, but suffered one defeat as a light-heavyweight against Harry Grebb. James J. Jeffries and Joe Louis retired as unbeaten heavyweight champions, but were beaten in comeback title fights.

What was the result when Joe Bugner fought Jack Bodell and which titles were at stake?
Bernard Holsgrove, Brighton

THE JUDGE: Bodell outpointed Bugner over 15 rounds in a European, Commonwealth and British heavyweight title fight at Wembley Arena on 27 September 1971. Bugner was making his first defence of the titles taken from Henry Cooper in a controversial contest six months earlier.

Which British champion was nicknamed the Dartford Destroyer?
Terry Myers, Cambridge

THE JUDGE: Dave Charnley, who was European, Commonwealth and British lightweight champion from 1957 to 1965. Born in Dartford, Kent, on October 10 1935, he twice made unsuccessful world title challenges against Joe 'Old Bones' Brown - stopped on a cut eye in Houston, Texas, in 1959, and narrowly outpointed over 15 rounds at Earls Court in 1961. Stocky southpaw Dave, undoubtedly one of Britain's all-time great lightweight champions, stopped the veteran American in six rounds in a non-title fight at Manchester on February 25 1963.

Where was Chris Eubank born, and where did he start his
professional career?

Mick Nathanson, West Drayton

THE JUDGE: Showman Chris was born in Dulwich on 8 August 1966, but he spent his teenage years in New York. He turned professional while in the United States and had his first five fights in Atlantic City, winning each of them on points over four rounds between October 1985 and March 1987. He made his British debut with a first round stoppage against Darren Parker at Copthome, West Sussex, on 15 February 1988.

How many professional fights did Henry Cooper have, and did he ever box abroad?
Monty Trow, Market Harborough

THE JUDGE: Sir Henry's record (1954-71): Fights 55, W40, L 14, D 1.

He won 27 inside the distance, and was stopped eight times, with five defeats caused by eye injuries. Henry fought abroad five times: Stockholm (1957: lko5 v Ingemar Johansson), Dortmund twice (1957: wpts 10 v Hans Kalbfelll, 1958: drew10 v Heinz Neuhaus), Frankfurt (1958: ldisq6 v Erich Schoeppner) and Rome (1969: wko5 Piero Tomasoni).

The disqualification against Schoeppner came as Henry and his manager Jim 'The Bishop' Wicks celebrated what they thought was a knock out victory. Schoeppner was being carried out of the ring on a stretcher when it was announced that Henry had been disqualified for a rabbit punch. "It was a complete robbery," Sir Henry told The Judge. "He was out on his feet and turned his back on me as I threw the final punch. It was as clean a knock out punch as you could wish to see, but they were not going to let me leave that stadium with a victory over the local hero. As for the draw against Neuhaus ... I promise you that I won at least seven of the ten rounds!"

Did Randolph Turpin ever fight Don Cockell and, if so, for which title?
Peter Martin, Worcester

THE JUDGE: Turpin stopped Cockell in 11 rounds in a British and Empire light-heavyweight title fight at London's White City on 10 June 1952.

How long did Randolph Turpin hold the world middleweight title?
J. Squires, Hackney

THE JUDGE: Sixty-four days. He took the championship from Sugar Ray Robinson with a I5 rounds points victory at Earls Court, London, on 10 July 1951, and was stopped in the last seconds of the 10th round in the return at the Polo Grounds, New York, on 12 September.

Who were the contestants in the first world title fight staged in Las Vegas? Tommy Hargreaves, Leeds

THE JUDGE: It is often misreported that the Jack Johnson-Jim Flynn contest in 1912 was the first to be staged in the gambling city of Las Vegas, Nevada. But they actually fought in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The first world title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, was the welterweight contest in which Benny (Kid) Paret outpointed Don Jordan on 27 May 1960. It has since, of course, taken over from New York City as the main location for world heavyweight title fights.