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INTRODUCTION: Thousands of sporting arguments have been settled by The Judge in his weekly column in the sports section of The SUN, the British newspaper with the most-read sports pages in the country.  His word is final in pubs, clubs, offices and factories throughout the nation as sports fans turn to him for the answers to their sporting questions. Now, The Judge has brought his answering service here to the Internet.

Have you got a sports question that you want answered or a sporting argument that needs settling? Well, all you have to do is e-mail The Judge HERE and he will do his best to come up with the answer. Please include your name and a location. You will find hundreds of the answers that The Judge has already provided by going to each of the subjects in the Sports Menu list above. Just click on the appropriate button. The latest questions will always appear on the first page for each subject, with links to the archives.

There will be continual updates, as well as a regular Quiz Challenge to amuse and, occasionally, confuse you. Test your all-round sports knowledge HERE.

The Judge has been bombarded with questions and he cannot possibly answer them all, but he will do his best and will endeavour to reply to everybody who takes the trouble to send in a question.

You can also help The Judge. On the ANSWERS PLEASE page, there is a growing list of questions that he has not yet got round to answering. You may be able to provide one or more answers. The Judge will give you full acknowledgement if you are first to come up with the correct answer. Help The Judge make this, without question, the best all-sports service on the Internet.

As part of the service, The Judge directs you to other rewarding sites that could assist you in the search for an answer to your question. At the foot of each individual page there is a linking button that will transport you to in-depth coverage of the relevant sport. Make sure you bookmark this site for instant access to all the answers.

The Judge has recently published his latest book, THE JUDGE BOOK OF SPORTS ANSWERS. You can read all about it HERE and learn how to order the book at a post-free price of just £10. Dare you take the Quiz Challenge in the book? It will give you an accurate assessment of your sports IQ. The hundreds of questions in the book are, in most instances, not the same as those answered here on the Judge's website. So for the best-possible all-round sports service, make sure you buy the book (and help The Judge keep the bank manager and the bailiff at bay!).

Thanks for dropping in, and remember to come back here on a regular basis to see the question and answer updates. And don't miss The Judge's weekly session in SunSport.

Yours in sport,

The Judge



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