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THE CYBER BOXING ZONE. If there was a world title for the champion boxing site this woud be a number one contender. Excellent features and history, and an all-encompassing links page. Click HERETHE BOXING GURU. He calls himself the Boxing Guru, and Dan Sisneros lives up to his nickname with some enlightening features, lots of facts and figures about fights and fighters and a superb links page. Well worth a visit. Click HERE
BOXING MONTHLY. That fine magazine brings its informative pages alive here on their professionally produced website. It's a knock out, with lots of interesting links. Click HEREONE STOP BOXING SITE LINKS. A champion website produced Down Under in New Zealand, but far from parochial and with links to many international pages. It's a kayo victory for the Kiwis. Click HERE
JOHNNY OWEN. COM. As well as being a wonderful memorial to the unforgettable Matchstick Man of Merthyr, this site has many fascinating features on Welsh greats plus well-directed links. Click HEREEAST SIDE Boxing Links. They really know the fight game on this brilliant site that provides links to many boxing sites around the globe. It has a huge American bias, but that's where the hottest action is and this website helps keep you informed and interested. Click HERE
HALL OF FAME 1. This is the prestigious International Boxing Hall of Fame site, with a glittering parade of champions past and present. Has detailed profiles and excellent links to the top sites. Click HEREHALL OF FAME 2. This is the less prestigious but still worth visiting World Boxing Hall of Fame. It is strong on history and also has good features on the modern fight scene and intriguing links that will take you on a rewarding tour of the boxing world. Click HERE
THE HEAVYWEIGHTS. If you are one of the many fight fans who prefer the heavyweight division to any other, you will find this a fascinating site. It has results, rankings and links to global action and history - all about the heavy brigade. Click HERECHRIS BYRD'S HOME. Chris Byrd, from Michigan, has not only been an outstanding amateur boxing champion of the United States but is also a walking record book on his sport. He shares his vast knowledge on this neatly constructed site, and provides lots of links carefully divided into categories. Click HERE
RING RECORDS. If boxing records hold your interest, then this is the place to be. It is an Aladdin's Cave of archival facts and figures, with informed profiles supporting the statistics. The site is conscientiously maintained by a world-wide group of boxing enthusiasts. Click HEREMAX BOXING LINKS. This comes from the renowned DogHouse stable (or should that be kennel?), and provides a comprehensive global linking service. You can get to all the major alphabet governing bodies from here, and there are the sort of in-depth features for which Maxboxing has become highly respected. Click HERE
THE KING SITE. The Don King website captures perfectly the brashness and flair of the King of promoters. There is, obviously, a lot about King fights, King fighters and King promotions, but there is also much other information that makes a visit rewarding. Click HERETHE OLYMPIC RINGS. Everything you could ever want to know about Olympic champions past and present. Excellent links to news, history and statistical information on the Olympics and the boxers who have gained golden glory including the likes of Floyd Patterson, Cassius Clay, Joe Frazier, George Foreman and up to Lennox Lewis and Audley Harrison. Click HERE


If all else fails, try these excellent links ...

THE HICKOK HISTORY PAGES - You will not find a better all-sports history website on the Internet - Comprehensive links to hundreds of sports sites. Top class. - The king of search engines .... just type in your key words and then press search. Bingo!