If you are fed up waiting for an answer to your cricket question from the over-burdened Judge, this page could help you find what you are looking for.
Each link transports you to a website packed with cricket facts and figures. Bookmark this page for future reference, and - please - always come back to The Judge. I like your company.

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MCC. A magnificent site to behold. Full of facts, figures and all that you need to know about the England cricket scene. Includes Test records, profiles, features and authoratitive articles. Click HEREUK-CRICKET DIRECTORY - An in-depth online directory of UK Cricket links. It will take you on a fact-finding tour of all the Counties. Excellent. Click HERE
WISDEN, WONDERFUL WISDEN. Where would we be without our Wisden Almanack to help us through the dark winter nights? Now here it is in all its glory on the Internet. Click HERETHE CRICKETER INTERNATIONAL That fine monthly magazine brought to you the modern way, with informed news, views and buckets of archival information on cricket around the world. From village cricket to Tests. Click HERE
CHANNEL-4 CRICKET. If you are among the many who consider C4 has revolutionised the way the game is covered, then you will love this site. Includes comprehensive all-time international cricket statistics and regular columns from the award-winning team led by Voice of Cricket Richie Benaud. Click HERETEST MATCH SPECIAL. Not quite up to the standards set by John 'The Poet' Arlott and Brian 'Piece of Cake' Johnston, but still well worth listening to ... and well worth a visit here on the web. Jonathan 'Aggers' Agnew and Bill 'The Bearded Wonder' Frindall ' are among the featured columnists. Click HERE
CRICKET ONLINE. An Aladdin's Cave of everything you want to know about the international cricket scene. The sort of all-encompassing site that can make The Judge redundant (but please come back!). Click HEREANTS Cricket Sites. A full and fascinating feast of global cricket information. Put together by a team of Australians who really know their way around the Internet. Highly recommended if you're looking for international links. Click HERE
WORLD CUP CRICKET RECORDS. Boasts that it is the 'World's leading cricket links page.' There will not be too many who will want to put up an argument to dispute this proud claim. Well worth a visit. Click HERETHE WORLD'S BEST? Well CricInfo takes some beating. It is the umbrella home for many fact-filled sites, including several interactive events. Bang up to date news, and much enlightening archive history. A cracker of a site. Click HERE
THE ASHES - 334 Not Out. A comprehensive collection of Australian and English cricket articles, and an exhaustive breakdown of the history (and the hysteria) of The Ashes series. Wonderful stuff, including a homage to Sir Donald Bradman. Click HERETHE LINKS MAN. G. Giddings, who specialises in providing cricket software, has set up a brilliant site linking to cricket clubs around the world. Browsing here will take you off into a cricketing paradise (but please come back to visit The Judge!). Click HERE
CRICKET COACHING. On Line Learning for Coaches and Players. It is an Aussie site, and who better than the Aussies to show how the game can and should be played (admits this Pom Judge!). As well as the lessons there are some excellent links to selected sites. Marvellous! Click HERETHE ICC. The International Cricket Conference is the world governing body and this site is packed with information, detailed analysis and fascinating news and views. It is a little high and mighty as you would expect from such an exalted, but well worth a look to see how the cricket world is turning. Click HERE
STATS 1. If it is cricket statistics you are after, then fill your boots! An a-b-c collection of facts, figures and a little fancy that will keep you engrossed for hours. Includes a comprehensive index leading to your favourite team. Click HERESTATS 2. Contains records and statistics for Test matches, one day internationals, the World Cup, County cricket, and just about every nook and cranny of international cricket. You will love it here, but please come back to see The Judge! Click HERE
GUARDIAN UNLIMITED. Cricket – or any other sport for that matter – is handled with care and flair by the Guardian team Lots of information, both of the in-depth and trivial variety. As they say, it is unlimited. Click HERECRICKET LINKS. Comprehensive coverage of the English and Australian cricket scenes, with links to County and State sites. A domestic delight that gives an insight into what is happening in both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Check it out. Click HERE


If all else fails, try these excellent links ...

THE HICKOK HISTORY PAGES - You will not find a better all-sports history website on the Internet - Comprehensive links to hundreds of sports sites. Top class. - The king of search engines .... just type in your key words and then press search. Bingo!